Up-to-date Japanese market information serves as a basis to create competitive advantages, allows reducing risks arising from incorrect decisions, and increases overall efficiency of company’s activities

Pre-Market Survey

Survey of market operations and events using economic and statistical methods necessary for further analysis of business results and their comparison with overall market trends.

Competitive Analysis of international Markets

Marketing concept to manage company’s international activities targeting end consumers in different and expansion of business worldwide. Expert consultations will allow reducing international projects risks prompt reacting to constantly changing in foreign economy relations, selecting a reliable partner. In addition, prediction of actions and capabilities of competitors based analysis of gathered information and expert conclusions.

OPTION; Assessment of solvency of a potential business partner (financial indicators concerning company’s capabilities)

Selection of potential consumers of products/services

In consumer analysis phase, analysis aimed at examination of consumer preferences, differentiation of consumer groups demands, revealing motives, determining consumers’ preferences for certain goods.

Brand Name Study

There are so many products and concept which do not meet Japanese trend and demand. Comprehensive study of various attributes of a brand name with a view to determine its market position and degree of interaction with consumers.


  1. Guide-interpreter services
  2. Written translation from/into foreign languages of business meeting management your border
  3. Submission of information on foreign legal regulations
  4. Exhaustive information about exhibition events in different countries and industries(e.g. FOODEX JAPAN)
  5. Advertising and PR-companies